Who I am?

Besides being a professional in design, I’m a lover of art and new technologies. l studied Graphic Design, always focusing on website design, and although my life is in favour of giving the world the best visual communication behind computer; do not forget that out there is where things happen. l always look for a good trip or a new experience, with camera in hand not to miss a good image. Most of my time is spent doing design, so it is where the inspiration and ideas become visible. l love typography, photography, illustration and especially good taste by combining the above.

What do l do?

Focused design for all devices, evolving with new technologies.

Concentrated on web design adaptable or better known as responsive Web Design (RWD). New and latest tools that open pathways to new design concepts, CSS3, HTML5, Jqueries, Java Scripts.

Regarding strategic and planned design, I offer services where the concept, navigability, interactivity, usability, information architecture, user experience and creating interfaces, provide a complete package to the customer or the company I work with.


Graphic Design

Putting the heart, causing not only to be functional. Efficient and aesthetically pleasing design, but it is a feeling, an idea that goes not only in the brain.

Typography / Colour / Composition / Vectoring / Design.


Adaptative Web

Focused in design for all devices, evolving with new technologies and latest tools that open pathways to new definitions of design.

Web Design/ Ul – UX Design / Front-end / Design Responsive or Adaptive / SEO.


The importance of images, characterization, that give life to a design, or just for own pleasure, so that you can always resort to photography.

Analogue / Digital photography / Digital Retouching.


Using the best tool imagination, concept and technique, looking designs give an authenticity to differentiate and identify him as a simple graphic piece.
Always looking for a specific communicative purpose:

Logos / Branding / Brochures / Flyers.


  • 60%

    HTML 5

  • 20%


  • 70%

    CSS 3

  • 80%


  • 70%


  • 60%


  • 70%


  • 40%


  • 70%


There are some of my work during these years of experience

Here are some companies, agencies and clients with whom l have worked as a freelance or directly